Our history

Gakueirou Matsuzakaya in Hakone Lakeside Ashi was established in the middle of Meiji period by Yoshinosuke ANDO who was born the second son of Manemon MATSUZAKA who was the owner of Matsuzakaya honten in Hakone Ashinoyu.

We started as a western style "Hotel Matsuzaka". Foreign register book handed down to us shows that we have welcomed a lot of non-Japanese guests from Germany, Russia, England and so on.

After struck by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, we rebuilt in new location as a Japanese style hotel “Gakueirou Matsuzakaya ryokan” and have been in business until now.

嶽影楼 松坂屋旅館の写真
Hotel Matsuzaka in Meiji Period   Gakueirou Matsuzakaya ryokan reconstructed after the Great Kanto Earthquake


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